Web2 Gateway to Point Network

What is Point Network?

Point Network is an implementation of decentralized internet (web 3.0), a censorship-resistant, surveillance-resistant decentralized network for web3 applications. You can find more information on pointnetwork.io.

What is Point.Link?

Point.Link is a simple web2 gateway to Point Network. It allows you to access Point Network from your normal, web2 browser, in read-only mode.

If you wish to write any information or interact with the content, you will need to install the actual web3 browser at pointnetwork.io.

Where is the content stored?

Point.link doesn’t host any content. When you make a request, we use Point Network to render the content. The content itself is stored on a blockchain and on decentralized storage network Arweave, with copies hosted by multiple users worldwide.

I have an issue or a DMCA complaint

If you encounter any issues or potential DMCA violations, please let us know immediately. Reach us at info@pointnetwork.io and we can restrict access to the questionable content from our gateway.

However, it is important to note that, due to the decentralized nature of Point Network, we cannot delete content there. You can reach out to individual Arweave nodes for that.

Some of the websites hosted on Point Network:

Apps by Point Network
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(Not affiliated with Point Network)